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(C) Copyright 2005 by Sheri Gilmore

All rights reserved. No copy of this work is permitted without prior written permission of author.

One Night Stand

by Sheri Gilmore

“Will you look at that?”  The bartender wiped a glass with his towel and nodded toward the door.  A long, low whistle followed the question.  Three men turned as one to watch the Amazon goddess, who strode through the door of Montie’s.  Tall and statuesque, she moved down the steps with a natural grace that any Broadway dancer would envy.  She wore a black, velvet mini with spaghetti straps, which revealed the tops of creamy, white breasts to perfection.  Long, blond curls were pulled up and back to cascade over her shoulders and back.

Tyler Davies grabbed his mug of beer without looking and took a gulp.  He’d been here for an hour, talking to the two men, like they were old friends, and waiting for some action.

“Hey, that’s mine!”

“Over my dead body.”  Tyler issued the threat through clenched teeth.

“I meant the beer!”

Tyler looked down at the mug in his hand, then back at the goddess.  “Oh, sorry, I got a little distracted.”  He loosened his grip on the mug and handed it back to its owner.

They watched her take a seat at an intimate table for two in the corner, near the front window.  One silken leg crossed the other to reveal the shapely curve of her calf.  Three male heads leaned to the side to check out the vision of her legs encased in sheer black hose, ending with five-inch, sling-backed pumps.

“Did you notice that seam going up the back of her hose?”

“Uh huh.”  Tyler’s voice rang in unison with the other man’s.  He cringed.  They acted like they’d never seen a beautiful woman before.

Red fingernails pushed a strand of hair away from her face, as she smiled up at the waiter to reveal even, white teeth.  The red of her lipstick matched her nails.  The trio groaned when she winked at the waiter after he took her order.

“I bet she’s waiting on someone.”

“What makes you say that?”  Tyler looked at the guy beside him.  “She placed an order, so obviously she’s not waiting on anyone to eat.”

“Nah, she just ordered a drink.  Look.”

Sure enough, the waiter placed a glass of wine on the table.  He gave the woman a flirty smile, which she returned.

“That is one ‘hot’ woman.”

“Think she’s a model?”

“A model?”  Tyler glanced back at the woman, then narrowed his eyes.  Her long legs caught his attention again.  “Yeah, maybe one of those lingerie models.”  He turned back to his two companions.  “You know, the ones who wear those skimpy little thong panties and see-through…um…”  He snapped his fingers, but couldn’t think of the word.


“Yeah, chemises.”  He nodded and turned back to the object of their desire.  “I can picture that.”

Three mugs of beer rose together along with two male voices.  “Me, too.”

The three sat there in a daze for several minutes, enjoying the view.  Red, glossy lips parted to sip her wine.  The sight of a tiny, pink tongue teased them.  Tyler pulled at his collar, then loosened his tie.  “Is it getting hot in here?”

The older of his two new friends snorted.  “Man, the temperature rose to one hundred the minute she strolled through the door.”

The younger guy slapped the back of his hand against Tyler’s shoulder a couple of times.  “Hey, go over there and see if she wants to have company.”

If he didn’t go, one of the others might.  Tyler swallowed hard.  “Why don’t you?”

“I’m a married man.”

Tyler looked at the older fellow, but he was already shaking his head. 

“She’s way outta my league.  You go.”

Tyler sighed in relief, but didn’t quite want to end the game of voyeur.  He liked watching her at a distance without her aware of his scrutiny.  “I’ll send her another glass of wine.”  His buddies nodded their approval, and he signaled the waiter to order ‘the lady’ another glass of whatever wine she was drinking.

The waiter frowned and looked him up and down for a second before saying ‘Very well’.

“Sounds like he didn’t appreciate you encroaching on his territory.”

Tyler loosened the top button of his shirt.  “Yeah, well, I guess he’s gonna have a little competition.”

“May the best man win.”  The older, balder guy held up his mug.

Tyler and the other man lifted their mugs, and they all clinked their drinks together in a mutual cheer.  “Here, here!”

“What if she sends your drink back?”

Tyler spluttered as his beer went down the wrong way.  He hadn’t thought of the possibility of an embarrassing rejection in front of his new buddies.  He wiped his mouth with a napkin and watched the waiter deliver his ‘gift’ to the goddess. 

Tiny beads of perspiration broke across his upper lip.  If she sent the drink back, his friends would consider him a failure.  The waiter jerked his head toward them with a smirk on his thin lips. 

Tyler fought the urge to rush over and listen to what Mr. Suave and Sophisticated was telling his dream woman.  He snorted.  Not just his, but every red-blooded male in the place would kiss her spiked-heeled-sandaled feet for a chance to sit at the table with her.  Surely, someone, as beautiful as she, would take mercy on him and accept his meager offering.

The waiter turned quickly with pursed lips and flared nostrils.  He walked past Tyler and the boys without a word, but the look he gave Tyler caused him to raise his eyebrow. 

“Did she accept?”  The bald guy looked at Tyler, then toward the waiter’s retreating back.

“Well, if she didn’t she must have told him to ‘get lost’ with that sour look on his face.”

The younger man was punching him in the shoulder this time.  “Hey, hey, she’s looking over here at you…She’s smiling.  You lucky bast--”  He grasped Tyler’s shoulder and shook him.  “My God, man, she’s calling you over!”

“Go, go, before she changes her mind.”

They pulled Tyler from his bar stool and pushed him in the woman’s direction.  He stumbled over the step-down to the main floor, but recovered before landing on his face.  That would make a great impression.  And, boy, did he want to impress this lady.

He stood to his full height and adjusted his tie.  He took a couple of steps toward her, then hesitated, hoping she wasn’t taller than him in those five-inch heels.  He raked an unsteady hand through his hair.  So, what if she was.  If he walked out of here with her on his arm, he was the luckiest man alive.

Two more steps and he stood looking down at the most erotic sight he’d ever seen.  The creamy globes of her breasts pressed upwards beneath the stretchy fabric of the little black dress.  The deep ‘V’ of her cleavage called out to him.  Kiss me.

He opened his mouth, but nothing came out but a raspy bark.  He smacked his lips together, but his tongue felt like sandpaper.  He felt a flush spread up his neck and across his cheeks.

“Cat got your tongue?”  She smiled and reached a red-tipped finger toward him.  With a curling action, she motioned him to sit down beside her.

He nodded dumbly and obeyed like a robot, following her every command.  When he slid into the booth next to her, she scooted a millimeter away.  The skirt of her dress hiked up to reveal the tops of her hose and the black garter belt holding them into place.

Tyler glanced back at his friends.  They watched with eager expressions.  When his gaze met theirs they gave him the ‘thumbs up’ and nodded with goofy grins on their faces.

A small, feline laugh caught his attention, and he turned back to the woman beside him.  His hand brushed the lush curve of her thigh. His cock hardened within the uncomfortable confines of his dress slacks. 

“Do you want to stay here with your friends?”  Her nostrils flared and the pupils of her baby-blue eyes dilated.  With parted red lips she exhaled slowly.

He shuddered at the look of desire on her face.  “Never met them before tonight.  I was just having a couple of beers with them while I waited on you.” 

“Let’s go home, so I can show you my new rhinestone G-string panties I’m wearing.”

He swallowed the lump in his throat.  “They’re part of the new outfit you wanted to surprise me with?”

“Uh huh.” 

“I-I like it.”  He dragged his gaze away from her pouty mouth long enough to glance down at the clingy dress once more.  A red nail traced the line of his jaw, and her tongue traced his lips, then she glanced over his shoulder at the two men at the bar and smiled. 

“I’ll pretend you just picked me up and we’ve never met, so your friends will think you’re really hot.”

He kissed her, liking the way her eyes closed in response.  “As long as I’m dating you, I am hot.”

She smiled and eased his hand up her thigh to her hip.  “Waiter…bring the check.”