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(C) Copyright 2004 by Sheri Gilmore

All rights reserved. No copy of this work is permitted without prior written permission of author.

Man in Apartment 3C

by Sheri Gilmore

Didn't take me long to come to terms with what had happened. In a matter of three seconds I had made up my mind what course of action I planned to take.

I only make it into New York City once in a 'blue moon'. This time was supposed to be a 'quickie' luncheon/meeting with my editor, sign a few papers, take a few publicity shots, then 'adios' until the next big contract needed to be ironed out.

The luncheon and paper-signing went well, but by the time I had posed for publicity shot number fifty, I knew I wouldn't make my flight back home. Cy, my editor, called and rescheduled my flight and booked me for a night at the Wellington where I usually stayed.

With my back aching and my feet screaming, I finally made it to my room. It was small by hotel standards, but hey, I just needed a hot shower and some clean sheets. Whoever says the life of an author is relaxed and glamorous has never worked with my editor, Cy. The man is a Trojan, and I don't mean as in the pleasures associated with a condom. If he ever relaxed enough to enjoy sex it had to have been in the 1950s. He talked fast, moved fast, and always drove me, like a Greek slave, to produce that next 'best seller'.

So, here I am whacked from being awake since five a.m. when I caught a three hour flight from New Orleans to New York, lost an hour in the transition, hustled and bustled all over Manhattan for a power luncheon, then escaped the jaws of a psycho-photographer. All I wanted to do was take off the pantyhose and sink into a hot steaming tub and relax.

I removed the skirt and blouse and threw them onto the corner chair, not caring that I had to wear them home the next day, because I hadn't planned on staying overnight. I stretched my arms high above my head and yawned.

A 'twang' sounded across the room, and I watched the shade recoil to the ceiling. No less than twenty feet away in the apartment across the alley stood a guy ironing his pants...with nothing on except a dazed look, as he stared into my eyes!

Well, my first response should have been horror at being caught in my undies standing in what could have been considered a provocative pose. Then, I should have run across the room and jerked the blinds down.

But, it wasn't...oh no. Somewhere in the back of my stunned mind registered the fact a gorgeous piece of man (and I do mean gorgeous) had front row tickets for my little 'center stage'. At least six foot four, he was on the thin side, but his muscles were well toned. Especially, those long legs, like a runner. A spattering of dark hair covered his chest and arrowed right down to his...my, my...goodies.

I let my gaze travel over his shoulder-length hair, dark and mussed, like he'd just run a towel through the thick mass. Firm jaw, wide kissable mouth...um, the view was getting better by the second.

My thigh muscles tightened against the sudden quiver of nerves between my legs. Our eyes met - his unsure.

I smiled, and kept my pose with my arms above my head.

He blinked twice, then offered a shy smile in response. The darkening blush across his cheekbones was my final incentive. I have never been able to resist a shy guy - to see how far I could go before they either got up and left, or came over to investigate my 'brass tactics'.

With slow deliberation, I let my arms descend. The backs of my hands caressed down the sides of my breasts, still bound in my black lace bra. The underwire was hell, cutting into my skin, but I ignored the pain. When his gaze followed my movements I became braver. I spread my legs wider and eased my hands over my abdomen and hips.

His cock, semi-hard, lengthened; I pushed further into the unknown.

Rotating my hips, I did a slow 'bump and grind' to the silent music playing in my head. My arms lifted and my body swayed. I kicked my shoes off first, and I saw him set the iron down while his entire body tensed.

I lifted my foot onto the radiator and proceeded to ease one thigh-high stocking from my leg. From the corner of my eye I saw my 'friend' jump. He had forgotten to turn the iron off and had pressed 'steam' when my leg went up. I kept my fingers working, but had to hold back a laugh. Bless his soul, he didn't let his gaze wander from my antics. With nimble fingers, he reached over and yanked the plug from the wall.

I decided to reward such devotion. After the second stocking hit the floor, I moved to the other side of the bed by the window. We were closer now and I faced him square. I moved my hips back and forth, never losing eye contact. Those huge 'puppy dog' browns were locked on me. The extreme burst of power at the control I had over this young man had my pussy dripping.

He walked around the ironing board and stood flush with the window. His cock stood at full attention - long, hard, and smooth. I had the sudden urge to reach out and touch that silken rod. My hand reached for him, but my fingers curled when I came into contact with the glass. I groaned at the same time it appeared he did, too.

His hands pressed flat against the windowpane and I could see the need and frustration on his face and in his eyes. Not only see it, I could feel the sexual tension flowing between us. I stepped closer --

The phone rang.


With a smile toward my 'friend', I held up one finger, then motioned 'telephone' with my hand. I watched his head go down. Hoping he wasn't on the verge of throwing himself out the window in frustration, I kept one eye on him while I answered the phone. It was Cy!

"Sweetheart! Glad you're still there."

Like where else would I be?

"I scheduled dinner with the editor-in-chief at--"

The rest of what my agent said faded. My friend looked up at me with a grim determination on his face and in his eyes. A cry escaped my lips when he turned and left my sight.


"What? I've already made reservations."

"What?" I stared at the phone receiver in my hand. "Cy?"

"What's up, doll? This is your big chance. Be downstairs in twenty minutes. I'll meet you in the lobby."

"I--" The phone went dead. "Well, fuck."

I slammed the receiver down with a 'ping'. I'd be damned if I was going to ruin what might be my only chance to get published mainstream. I'd worked my ass off too long and too hard over the last three years to let any 'golden' opportunity like the one Cy offered slip through my hands.

I glanced back at the apartment across the alley. Especially for some hunk with a fine cock - a baby! He had to be at least ten years younger than me. I cringed, looking down at my half-naked state. Granted I didn't look too bad for forty, but I knew I wasn't looking much younger. What would a fine-looking younger guy see in me?

Get real! I shook my head and stepped over to pull the blind. Two steps later I pulled my thigh-highs back up my legs and slipped into my skirt. Shoving my aching toes into my pumps, I groaned. This was going to be one long night. From past experiences I knew New York City was the town that never slept. I sighed.

"I'll sleep on the fucking plane." I grabbed my purse and keycard and headed for the door. When my fingers touched the doorknob I hesitated and glanced back at the covered window. My clit throbbed and a twinge of regret filtered through my defenses. I was so tempted to go back over and lift that blind and see if my 'friend' waited on the other side.

"Get a grip, girl. With looks like that he can have whatever female he wants in this city. Why the hell would he want you?" I snorted and closed the door.

* * *

I glanced at my watch. "One a.m." God, why did I abuse my body like this? Cy and the editor-in-chief of the publishing house I was targeting had hashed out a deal. The only function I had had was to sign on the dotted line and say, "I do."

Damn! I glanced around the narrow hallway, feeling the walls move closer. I swallowed the old sensation of being crushed beneath the oppression of another person. A cold sweat broke across my forehead. I felt like -- I gulped -- I was married again.

"Wrong!" My eyebrow rose at that impossibility. Two strike outs and this girl wasn't ever headed for the altar again. Slipping the keycard into the lock, I waited for the 'buzz' to let me know I could enter my hotel room.

Stepping in, I slammed the door and kicked off the offending shoes that had my toes numb. As soon as I made it back home, they were going in the trash. With a sigh I threw my purse onto the bed. I reached behind me to undo my skirt zip, letting the crumpled linen slide to the floor. Next, I worked on the buttons of my blouse. That, too, slid to the floor to lay in a jumbled heap. I yawned and stretched my arms high above my head.

Twang! The sound of the blind hitting the ceiling made me jump.

"Not again." I glanced to my left and...gasped.

There he sat. In front of his window. Naked and...asleep...with one hand curled beneath his cheek and the other curled around the neck of a bottle of wine.

"How cute." I moved to my window and angled my head to study his body without being observed. I should have been ashamed, but not a flash of guilt crossed my mind. I'm not a person to turn down a golden opportunity handed to me on a silver platter! No, sir, not me... My head angled the other direction. I smiled.

Long legs stretched out in front of his sprawled body, muscular and strong. Nestled within the dark curls of his pubis lay his cock. Even at rest he looked semi-hard.

My mouth felt like sandpaper. I extended my tongue to lick my lips. The much needed moisture wasn't there. Instead of on my tongue, it lay between my legs. A tiny bead escaped my pussy to ease down my leg through the silk crotch of my panties.

My hand fisted against the coolness of the glass. Some of my frustration must have filtered through to his subconscious, because he opened his eyes.

His first reaction at seeing me was to rub his eyes, making him look like a small boy upon waking in the morning and walking downstairs to find his 'mommy'.

"I ain't your momma, babe." I cocked an eyebrow and smiled, feeling the wicked nature of my grin.

He apparently read lips, because his expression changed from sleepy to alert. The little boy persona disappeared into that of a full-grown man. He sat up in his chair and sent me a grin that made my toes curl and my pussy cream. His full, cupid's bow lips cocked to one side and his eyes narrowed. He let his gaze travel, slowly, from the top of my head -- stopping at my breasts so long I felt like he'd actually caressed them -- to the tops of my knees where the window casing blocked his view.


My heart flipped over about five times, then thudded so hard against my chest I had to place my palm over my left breast. I could feel the tightened bud of my nipple through the lace. My clit was even harder, as the sensitive knot rubbed back and forth with my every movement against the lace of my panties. My stomach had that 'just dropped from the tenth floor' sensation, and I felt lightheaded.

His smile deepened and his eyes twinkled with a wicked delight. He knew exactly what he was doing to me, yes sirree. This was no boy. He was all man - predator with a capital 'P'.

He lowered the wine bottle to the floor and stood, facing me. With one powerful looking hand he stroked his cock. His gaze stayed locked with mine.

Hell, I couldn't have moved away if I'd tried. My entire body throbbed and ached. With every touch of his fingers against his skin, I could feel him stroking me.

When his fingers circled the head of his cock, I eased my fingers beneath the lace of my panties to stroke my clit. Hot, wet cream coated my hand and I shuddered, imagining his cum there instead.

We moved our hands in unison. He stroked and pumped; I followed suit.

Then, he stopped.

I jerked back to reality with a start and frowned. I looked at him.

He lifted his chin in a quick, short jerk and stared at my breasts.

I understood exactly what he wanted. I bit my lip and looked down to the darkened alley below. With the lights from both our rooms anyone walking by could see what we were doing. I glanced toward the other windows around us, realizing a little too late our neighbors could see, too!

A movement two stories up and over on his side caused me to gasp and panic. Those particular neighbors could see me! I felt like someone had thrown cold water in my face. My hand reached for the blind, but a wave of his hand stayed my action.

The look of desperation on his face was so sincere I almost gave in to his silent plea to continue. Almost.

Instead, I shook my head and mouthed, "I'm sorry."

His hand came up in the universal sign for 'Stop'.

I crossed my arms over my breasts and sat on the side of my bed while I watched him move quickly into the room behind him. The ticking of the bedside clock grew louder, and I heard a drip from the bathroom faucet hit the porcelain sink. The skin on my arms, legs, and back prickled with cold, as the air conditioning kicked on. Still I waited.

After an eternity, he returned with several sheets of printer paper and a marker. He held up a message.

Your place, or mine?

I laughed and hugged my body closer. I shook my head.

He dropped his shoulders and arms in a defeated gesture, then wrote on several sheets of paper. After a few seconds he held up another note.

Coming over!

I panicked. I stood and shook my head hard. "No!"

I could see determination in his jaw. Another note flashed into the window. He'd already thought out my refusal and had made a plan. Damn him! He was a smart one, even if he was young.

Room number?!

I shook my head. Two steps and my hand was on the blind. I pulled the edge down, but not before the last note caught my eye.

I'll find you.

"Oh, my God!" I pulled the blind the rest of the way down. What had I done? He could be a serial killer for all I knew. A little harmless flirting was one thing, but...he was...coming over to visit. Visit, like hell! He was coming over to fuck!


I grabbed the edge of the blind and peeked through, then groaned.

His apartment was dark. Had he left, or was he sitting back enjoying making me sweat?

I grabbed my skirt and blouse and ran into the bathroom. I needed to brush my teeth, take a quick bath...

"What am I doing?" I looked at my reflection in the bathroom mirror. My makeup was gone, except for black smudges beneath my eyes from the last traces of mascara. My hair was half up, half down from running all over town. "Why do I care when a serial killer is about to knock on my door what the fuck I look like?"

The woman in the mirror stared back with wide eyes, but no answer. But, I knew.

With a deep breath I made my decision. Serial killer, or not, I wanted this man. It had been too long since I had lost control of the moment and really enjoyed myself. It was time to 'let go'. I turned to the tub and twisted the faucets on, letting the water mix in swirls. Stepping into the room I moved to the door and unlocked the bolt. It was like I had removed the last bolt to an invisible chastity belt. I sighed.

He had no problem finding me. I could hear him striding down my hallway. His footsteps skidded to a stop at my door. He didn't knock - just turned the knob and opened the barrier between us.

His jaw was set, like he expected a fight. His eyes burned right through to my soul. Not a word or sound came from his lips.

I stepped back, and his big body tensed, as if I would still deny him. I frowned, then blinked. He had on clothes - too many clothes.

I reached behind me and unsnapped my bra, letting it drop to the floor in silent invitation. When I held my hand out to him I smiled. "Come on in. The water's just right - nice and warm."

He took my hand in a firm grip, and I led him toward the bath. The door shut behind us with a 'click' to lock us in our own private world.

Steam swirled around us. I could feel the kink in my hair escape all the chemicals I coat it with to keep it straight and manageable. It didn't seem to bother my 'friend.'

He eased his fingers into the mass behind my neck, massaging the knots out of my tight muscles.

I closed my eyes. "Umm, that feels so--"

He jerked my head back hard. The tiny shaft of pain combined with surprise, which pooled in a hot jolt to my clit. I did so like his moves.

I smiled.

"Like that?" He was studying my reactions, like a scientist studied a specimen he'd never seen before -- eyes narrowed in concentration.

"Oh, yeah."

"Hmm, then you ought to like this even better." He pulled my hair hard, forcing my neck back at the same time his mouth found mine.

Now, I've been kissed a lot in my life, but let me tell you...this 'baby' could kiss. Not a peck here, or a peck there. I'm talking about full contact, mouth to mouth life support.


Everything spun inside my head and around the room. His mouth, hot and hard, didn't allow much time for gasps of air between nips, sucks, and all out bites. After about two minutes of adjustment, I decided to take over.

I pushed against his chest and his grip eased on my hair. My neck muscles breathed a sigh of relief. Standing on tiptoe, I kissed the cute little cleft in his chin.

"You've got way too many clothes on, hon." I slipped a hand across his chest beneath his shirt, enjoying the ripple of muscle in reaction to the caress of my fingers.

I pushed the shirt off his shoulders, and he let the material fall to the floor. His pants were next. He'd forgotten a belt, so it wasn't too difficult to release the snap and unzip those crumpled khakis.

His dick sprang forward, more impressive in person than it had been across that short span of alley.

"Oh, my, my, my." I circled my hand around the shaft, stroking down to the base, then back up to the head.

The hiss he issued let me know I had the magic touch. The pants hit the floor. He placed two hands on either side of my hips and stepped out without dislodging my hand.

He grinned. "Don't want the lady to miss a beat."

I laughed. I just love a guy with a sense of humor. If you gotta choose between looks or humor, take the humor every time. Of course, a nice thick,long cock helps, too.

My head came to the middle of his chest. I spotted a flat, brown nipple. Leaning close, I swirled my tongue around the aureola.

His head went back with another hiss.

I laughed harder. "You're not a serial killer are you?"

His head snapped forward. A dull haze blurred his focus on me. He frowned. "Huh?"

"Nothing." I pushed him against the counter and suckled harder on his nipple.

His fingers were on the back of my neck, now. He wrapped the length of my hair around one fist. Little moans escaped his throat, and his cock throbbed against my stomach.

One hand eased down my back, digging into my skin every time I increased the suction.

"God, ease up, babe." He pulled away from my mouth. His forehead rested against mine. Our breathing sounded ragged in the cramped space. "Lets slow down a bit."

"Okay, I'm all yours for the next..." I studied my watch... "six hours. I have to catch a plane back home."

"Hmm. No chance you could take a later flight, huh?"

"Nope." I really wanted to say 'sure', but I'd already missed one flight. I don't think my panties and suit would make it another day.

"Then..." he circled my thighs with one arm and lifted..."lets get to know each other up close and real, real personal." With that he swung my legs over the edge of the bathtub and climbed in after me, drawing the curtain behind him.

"My panties!" I shied away from the hot spray of water.

"Not a problem." Long fingers hooked either side of the silk material and tugged. The panties rolled into a thin line down the length of my legs.

As I stepped out, holding onto those broad shoulders for support, I got a nice long view of his back down to the cutest ass I'd ever seen. My hands flexed into the thick cord of muscles in his shoulders. "Um, nice view."

"Not bad from here, either." Warm breath fanned the curls covering my clit. "Hold still."

A hot tongue replaced the warm air, sending a spiral of white, hot need through my clit into my abdomen.

I stepped away, but he followed with the water from the shower pounding his back. Firm hands gripped my thighs and held me in place while his tongue speared back and forth across my clit - over and over, then plunged deep into my cunt, like a mini-penis.

The cold tiles of the shower bit into my back at the same time my fingernails bit into his skin. Pressure built in my lower body and my breath came in gasps. My hips moved in rhythm with his mouth, as he fed on my body.

"Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah." I couldn't stop the sensation from spiraling up from my toes to the tips of my fingers. I threw my head back, hearing the crack of the tile, but didn't care. I just wanted the searing pleasure to go on forever.

His tongue slowed, lapping at the juices on either side of my thighs, but coming back to my throbbing clit. He flicked the nub again.

I jumped. "Enough. I can't do anymore."

He smiled up at me, brown eyes turned black from dilated pupils. His nostrils were flared with desire. "Sure you can."

He stood, leaning toward me with his hands flat against the tile under my arms. Truly, if he'd not done that, I would have sunk to the floor of the shower in a heap of quivering muscles and nerves.

His mouth teased mine, and the flavor of my own body, tasting acidy and clean, ignited something primal deep within my being. Juices flowed freely from my pussy with new arousal.

He nipped my lips twice more, then pulled away. His voice sounded deep and husky with need. "Let me get a condom."

Hell! I hadn't even thought about that. The boy was damned good to have distracted me that much. Protection was one thing I never took lightly. I smacked an invisible hand against my forehead, but nodded to him.

He left me for a few seconds to rummage through his pants. That brief reprieve left me cold and shaken. I wrapped my arms around my breasts, feeling small and lonely. I didn't like it at all! I had to remember this was a one-night stand. That's all.

"Now, where were we?" His mouth came down to mine and once more I was swept into another place and time. Without removing his mouth, he lifted my legs around his waist.

The head of his cock pressed against the opening of my cunt. My juices coated the thick spread, as he rubbed up and down my slit.

Sure hands eased closer to my ass, lifted, then brought me down hard onto that throbbing shaft.

We both shuddered and gasped in response, not able to move past the initial shock of the joining of our bodies.

Seconds passed, as I felt his heart thudding hard against my chest and knew he could feel mine. Our cheeks rested flush; our breaths hot and hard in each other's ear. Behind him the shower sprayed, hotter and hotter, like the core of my body.

Slowly, he moved his hips, back, then forward. The exquisite burn of his cock, rocking in and out of my body, forced my muscles to clench around him in pain and pleasure.

His body shuddered; his mouth took mine. Hands gripped my ass hard, bringing me closer, if that was possible, to him.

I hooked my ankles around his waist and hung on, angling my hips up with every downward stroke of his hips, forcing that gorgeous cock deeper and deeper.

The sensation of orgasm rose again. The tingle started in my toes and spread to my feet. I didn't want to go alone this time. I twisted my head, breaking contact with his mouth. "I-I'm going to--"

"Come!" He finished my sentence through gritted teeth and pounded his body into me. The head of his cock swelled and I knew he found release, too.

Both of us slipped to the shower floor. He turned his body so he'd be under me. The shower pulsed against my shoulders, massaging muscles I hadn't realized I'd used in the sexual 'struggle' that had ensued.

He pulled me close and kissed my forehead. "That was...good. Not to sound cliche."

I laughed, smoothing water over his shoulder, then trailing a finger down his chest. "Yeah."

"You water-logged yet?"

I held a hand up to show pruned fingertips. "Yuk!"

He sat up, keeping me in his lap, and turned the faucets off. Slipping one arm under my thighs and another around my shoulders he lifted me and himself up, out of the tub.

My feet touched the coarse fibers of a mat and I shivered. Immediately, a large bath towel swallowed me. I looked up to see a serious expression on my newest lover's face, as he rubbed my skin dry from top to bottom. He didn't utter a sound, kneeling to dry my feet.

Looking down on his dark head, I touched his wet hair. "You're wet, too."

His gaze lifted to mine. We stared at each other for several seconds. His dark eyes searched mine with an intensity I found hard to hold. Then, he stood, reached behind me, and handed me a towel.

"I'm all yours for the next five hours."

* * *

"Give me some covers!" I yanked hard, pulling the sheets around me. The hum of the air conditioner filled the darkened hotel room.

He rolled toward me, circling my body with strong arms. "You don't need those. I'll keep you warm."

Long, sure fingers traced the curve of my breasts, pinching a nipple. Trailing down my belly, his hands pulled my ass into the curve of his body, then spread my thighs.


"What? You know you love for my fingers to be in you --"

The phone rang. Shit!

I rolled away from Brian; he let me go. "Hello?"

"Sweetheart!" Cy's voice boomed down the line. "Where are you?"

"Cy, it's seven a.m.!"

"Exactly, you've got a plane to catch."

"I know that, but not til one o'clock this afternoon."

"Well, I always start calling early so you'll have time to say goodbye to that husband of yours."

I snorted. "Cy, it doesn't take me that long to tell Brian 'goodbye' anymore. That was when we first got married."

"Yeah? Well, you two still act like newlyweds."

I didn't hear him, but felt Brian walk up behind me. His arms wrapped around my middle, pulling me into his warmth. "Do we?"

It was Cy's turn to snort. "You've been married how long?"

"Five years."

"Still fucking like rabbits?"


Brian took the phone. "Yes, we are, and you're interrupting." He hung the phone up with a firm 'click'.

"Now, where were we?"


"You've only got me for another six hours." He rubbed his cock against the curve of my ass.

Liquid heat eased down my leg, as my abdomen tightened with need. Cy was right. We still acted like newlyweds, fucking every chance we got. I flew back and forth from New York to wherever my agent decided I needed to travel for my latest book-signing each month. In between, I wrote and made love to Brian, the man from apartment 3-C. And, each year on the anniversary we met, we rent my old hotel room where we fell in lust and, ultimately, in love.

"Um, you're right. Lets make the most of it." I bent low over the side of the bed and offered my ass to him. In the dim light I could see a spark of desire in his eyes. His cock hardened. He still wanted me after all this time.

I smiled; he smiled.


"Oh, no!" We said in unison, as the blind in the hotel room clattered to the ceiling, leaving us naked and in plain view to the couple in the apartment across the alley.

The stunned expressions on the nude couple's faces must have matched ours. But, in that second, I knew what course of action we would take....