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Candy For Her Soul

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One Thing Leads to Another has won the coveted Reviewer's Choice Award From Two Lips Reviews.

Hard Candy anthology won for 'Best Erotic Anthology' in the 2005 Cupid & Psyche Awards (CAPA)

Ms. Gilmore was also nominated as 'Best New Erotica Author' in the 2005 Cupid & Psyche Awards (CAPA)

Hot House: Dante & Hayley was a finalist in the 2006 EPIC Awards and a finalist in the 2005 Passionate Plume Contest.



One Thing Leads to Another

Wow! This one is so hot you may need to keep a fire extinguisher handy to put out the flames. This one is definitely going in my stack of books to read again and again. Rating: 5cups, Keely Skillman, Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books, Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance

This is an erotic, fast-paced thriller that starts off with a bang from page one....all in all, the excellent characterization of Nathan and Rose, and the hot sex, combine into one sizzling package. Run out and grab this one up! Barb Chan--Just Erotic Romance Reviews, Rating: 4.5 Stars, Heat level: O (Orgasmic!)

Rose and Nathan are two people that have survived their dark pasts’ to try to make an intimate relationship between them work. To say they are strong is an understatement, I think they both deserved accolades for surviving their childhoods’ that were abusive in some forms and so unhappy for them both. I enjoyed reading this story, parts of this book are dark but there are also cheerful and spicy sex scenes that were a pleasure to read, an utterly enjoyable book. Sheryl, Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance, Rating:4 CUPS


Hard Candy,'Candy for Her Soul'
(anthology with Morgan Hawke and Angela Knight)

2005 BEST Erotic Anthology

Rating: 5 Cups

Candy for Her Soul by Sheri Gilmore


This is the first story I have read by Ms. Gilmore, but it will not be the last. She has written an enchanting tale that I enjoyed very much. I greatly enjoyed all three stories in this anthology. Hard Candy is most definitely a keeper! Susan White,
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books, Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance


In Candy for her Soul, Sheri Gilmore takes a look at the world of witches, devils and desire. The chemistry between each of the characters make for an engrossing read.
... if you want to be mentally and sexually stimulated, give this anthology a whirl. I thoroughly enjoyed it and give Hard Candy my highest recommendation. Rating: 5 Angels

Candy for Her Soul is the most thought-provoking yarn in the anthology. It covers teenage angst, never-ending love, and has a bi-sexual relationship. …this anthology is not to be missed. Trang, Fallen Angel Reviews

Sheri’s “Candy for her Soul” was mind-blowing! WOW! Angela Camp, Romance Review Today

Damn Sheri, I’m really, REALLY impressed! That was one spectacular witchy ménage tale! Totally incredible! I need to get more of YOUR stuff ASAP! Damn girl you can write a good story! …your writing is BRILLIANT! Morgan Hawke, Co-Author www.darkerotica.net

I read Ms. Gilmore's first book, and was greatly surprised by the quality. I'd been anticipating her next story, and I wasn't let down in the least. The sex was beyond hot, it had both blatant and subtle tones that, together, made every sex scene intense and often emotional. ... Candy for Her Soul was my favorite of this anthology. It had more than I could've hoped for, all the emotion and sexiness of a full-length story. I'm not much for m/m sex, but this short story did it for me. Rating: 4/5 Stars, Heat level: O (Orgasmic!), Dani Jacquel, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

Candy For Her Soul - Ms Gilmore has the power to make her reader feel the emotions (pain, confusion, happiness) that the characters are feeling. This is a memorable story and one I gladly recommend. Lisa Lambrecht - In the Library Reviews, Rating: 8.5 Gargoyles


Maslow's Needs

Maslow's Needs is excellent with a gritty and dangerous feeling to thrill lovers of dark vampire heroes. It's a heady blend of sexual heat and horror. In fact it's hard to decide if the murder mystery or the forbidden love story provides the most chills! From the frightening Nolan to the drop-dead sexy rogue Konstantinos and the cameo by Aunt Mae the secondary characters add depth. Ms Gilmore obviously did her research and the result adds an elegant realism. I highly recommend it! Overall rating: 5 hearts, Sensuality rating: Explicit, Patrice - The Romance Studio

Maslow’s Needs is a fast paced erotic thriller that I could not put down. I really enjoyed Ms. Gilmore’s writing style. The atmosphere is dark, mysterious, and dangerous. There’s a little bit of bondage and violence but tastefully done. I hope Konstantinos will get his own story. He’s such a charmer. I look forward to reading more from Ms. Gilmore. Kudos! Rating: 4/5 Stars, Heat level: O (Orgasmic!), Tallyn Porter, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

The sex scenes are hot enough to make smoke rise from the pages and left me searching for a glass of ice water. The detailed descriptions of the goth lifestyle made the setting really come alive for me.

Ms. Gilmore is a talented author.... I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading about the supernatural and likes their romance tinged with a dark atmosphere. Maslow's Needs is a terrific book that I will never forget. Maslow's Needs, Rating: 5 Cups, Susan White, Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books,
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance, Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

I thought Maslow's Needs by Sheri Gilmore was a great book! It has it all: murder, suspense, passion...This book is not for the faint of heart, the sexual scenes are very graphic in nature; however, if you enjoy steamy hot sex then this novel is the one for you. Contessa, Romance Junkies Review, Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Maslow's Needs coaxes you into another world, one of both danger and passion. Once inside, this story refuses to allow you to leave, the characters are compelling and strong, the tale, fraught with danger, intrigue and undeniable passion.

I loved this Maslow's Needs, it encompassed me and taught me what it is to live in the dark. Sheri Gilmore is a very talented writer that brings this story to full and blazing life while reading her words. I highly recommend Maslow's Needs to those that wish to enter the world of the vampire. I will be looking for more works of Sheri Gilmore. Lyonene, Enchanted in Romance, Rated: 5 Unicorns


Rites of Passion (anthology)

Sheri Gilmore pens an explosive tale that you won't forget easily! Rites of Passion is a fantastic anthology! WOW!!!! These authors give us such wonderful, moving stories that without a doubt, this book will go on my "keeper shelf" to be read again and again!!!! Rating: 4.5 Hearts

This is a detailed and sexy story of pagans and vampires living among the humans they need for survival. The descriptions used for rituals were believable, and the dialogue is often dark without falling into melodrama. The lead characters were strong with enough vulnerability to make them interesting. Supporting characters are used as a backdrop for Diana and Jarrett, and balance the storyline. I recommend this great book, which is a follow up to Ms Gilmore’s Maslow's Needs. Rating: 5 Stars, Anya Khan, Just Erotic Romance Reviews


Things We Do in the Dark

Ms. Gilmore writes an exhilarating vampire tale. When these lovers come together the
sexual power is so strong the electrical sparks explode off of them leaving your hair
standing on end. This is a story worth reading many times over. If you like your vampires sexy and your mortal men oozing with animal magnetism, then you will love this anthology written by three talented authors. Candy Cay, Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books, Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance

In this excellent anthology, each author has a wonderful way of telling their extremely different story that has one thing in common: wild unbridled passion!!! In Ms. Gilmore’s vampire story, we find a sexy and highly erotic vampire trading jabs at a desirable reporter that’s hot on his trail. What this author describes made this reviewer quite enthralled and hoped that... a sexy vampire of her own would come by. Rating: 4 Hearts, Dawn, Love Romances


Hot House: Dante & Hayley

2006 Eppie Award Finalist

2005 Passionate Plume Finalist

2006eppiefinalist passionateplume

Dante and Hayley are amazing characters who really touched my heart. The sex scenes are hotter than hell...

... this is a very dark and edgy book that is most definitely not for the faint of heart. Those who are easily offended by use of religious references, such as angels, that are depicted in a nontraditional manner should think twice before reading it.

Personally, I thought Hot House: Dante and Hayley was a terrific book.... Ms. Gilmore is a fabulously talented author who never fails to grab my attention and keep it. , Susan White, Just Erotic Romance Reviews, Rating: 5, Heat Level: O

Dante, in all his personas is romantically evil, but very desirable. His story is fascinating. ... I felt compassion for a creature that is truly bad. The sex is creative and very hot... just taking sexual exploration to an extreme level-I loved it!

Hot House: Dante and Haley is an absolutely excellent book, and one I openly recommend. This wonderfully creative book was never insulting to Christians, doesn’t patronize Pagans, and is absolutely wonderful. I cannot wait to read more from Ms Gilmore and her excellent imagination. Rating: 5 Heat level: H, Anya Khan, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

Hot can not describe Hot House: Dante & Hayley; scorching comes closer. Filled with heat and compelling scenes of betrayal and the emergence of faith, Hot House: Dante & Hayley caught my attention and wouldn’t release it. I love a book that has the ability to pull the reader into the story, and that is what Sheri Gilmore has created. It’s pages are filled with intriguing characters, quick and witty dialogue, as well as some extremely explosive scenes. A definite must buy! Rating: 4.5 Roses, Angel, A Romance Review

Hot House: Dante and Hayley by Sheri Gilmore has one of those “huh” factors just begging to tap your brain on the proverbial shoulder and make you think. As an alternate view of the whole good versus evil/one religion versus another; this one is excellent. Rating: 4.5 Stars, Keely, E-CataRomance Reviews

The preparation and forethought that went into creating this stunning success must have been massive. There were ideas taken from biblical truths to the use of Greek Gods, and the addition of God’s angels just left me in awe.

...this author did a phenomenal job and I loved the intricate details that went into creating the hero, heroine and the secondary characters that all make this story fantastic.

...for those of you who can appreciate a different type of creativity believe me you won’t be disappointed. 4.5 Unicorns, Reviewed by Rachelle, Enchanted in Romance

I loved this book. I read it once cover to cover, engrossed by the dark erotic imagery that flowed like blood through the scenes of the story. I read it again to peruse the imaginative mythology. Finally, I read it a third time to commit the tale to memory.

"Hot House: Dante and Haley" contains intensely explicit, supernatural BDSM. The scenes are integral to the plot, and well crafted. The sexual appetites of the creatures and inhabitants of Hell are, at times, vividly sadistic. I loved it! A Highly Recommended Read! 5 Scorching Licks, Reviewed by Jade Rivers from the Scarlet Scribe

Like Peter Hitchen's... Gilmore illustrates a very ambitious, dark (non-religious) fantasy view of a shake up of Dante's Inferno. This is a well-conceived erotic paranormal, a duality of ...biblical proportions with developed characters...tackling the issue of the redemptive power of love. ...a dark vision of a very graphic and sexual purgatory. Rating: 8, Reviewed by Maitresse, NovelSpot

The devil as a hero? Yes! In this story... It's almost like... the Eagles' "Hotel California," where "you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave." Leigh Rowling, Romantic Times


Eye For An Eye

The Preacher’s Daughters: Eye for an Eye is a great story! Ms Gilmore’s research into Voudon and Santeria religions makes the climax exciting and mysterious. She adds a taste of realism that shades a deeper dimension to the story. Sheri Gilmore has another winner with An Eye for an Eye. The Preacher’s Daughters series will be one to watch. Rating: 5 Stars, Heat level: O, Patrice Storie, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

Eye for an Eye is probably the most vanilla story Ms. Gilmore has written. I mean this in a good way, even though I've loved all her stories, kinky or not. A particular scene involving hair in the very beginning was probably the most sensual thing I've ever read, and yet it didn't exactly involve sex. I had chills (the good kind) running down my back from imagining it, and even now, it's still a turn-on. I loved the little details like this. Eye for an Eye makes me anxious for the next story in the series, especially when thinking of one red-and-purple-haired hunk. Rating: 5 Stars, Heat level: O, Dani Jacquel, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

!Sheri Gilmore has written a story guaranteed to keep you reading nonstop until the very last sentence. This book has everything you could wish for in a paranormal romance: kinky sex, magic, suspense and non-stop action. I am very impressed with the story line and the knowledge that was poured into it. What are you waiting for? Go out and purchase this sensational book!! Reviewed by: Anita, Rating: 5 Angels/ Recommended Read, Fallen Angel Reviews



I loved this book! ...fabulous characters...I highly recommend The Preacher's Daughters: Eye for an Eye to anyone who likes stories full of love and magic. I cannot wait for the next book in the series. Rating: 5 Cups, Reviewed by: Susan White, Coffee Time Romance


Hot House 2: Michael & Mercy

The passion that ignites... is explosive, emotionally intense and very erotic. The varied sex goes from nightmarish to pleasureful and from dreamlike to erotic as befits the Hell setting. The tastefully done BDSM, m/m, and ménage, will have you bringing out all your toys. Reviewer: Tallyn Porter, JERR, Rating: 5 Stars

Sheri Gilmore brings together wicked intent, innocent seduction and breath stealing decadence. ... risqué love scenes that leave a reader panting for breath, ...and definitely in need of a dry pair of panties. Evil plots thicken from page one and Ms. Gilmore delivers bad-guys that everyone can love to hate. If you are not thinking "Yummy" with at least every other page as you consume this morsel; I am not sure that you and I are reading the same book. Now, after a cold shower to bring coherence to my brain, my only thought regarding this series is "Please say that there are more stories coming! Soon!"

Warning: This book contains male with male love scenes and bondage. If this type of thing offends or distresses you, please do us all a favor and exercise your right not to read this book. Rating: 5 Stars, Reviewer: Keely Skillman, e-CataRomance Reviews

Two Words: BUY THIS! I have never before been so engrossed in a book like this one. Not only does Ms. Gilmore show her creativity, but also her blending of Greek myth's with the Creator, merge into a natural blend that leaves readers breathless. I am only sorry that I did not read her first Hot House book! Overall rating: 5 Hearts, Reviewer: Linda Bass, The Romance Studio

...dark erotica of the most deliciously demonic kind. Gilmore does an amazing job mixing bits of BDSM and homoerotic sex with an untraditional romance element. ...I was not disappointed in the intensity of the chemical attraction among the lead characters. Reviewer: Betsy Gallup, TCM Reviews

Ms. Gilmore has written a captivating story ... some bondage and some homosexual interaction, but if that doesn't bother you, then I recommend this book. Reviewed by Astraea, Enchanted Ramblings

Hot House 2: Michael and Mercy explores the dark wants and desires deep within. Ms. Gilmore does a wonderful job portraying the conflicting feelings he (Michael)experiences, making this book so much richer and more complex. Mercy is just as confused. She’s discovering things about herself and her heritage, which she must come to terms with...a... balance of dominance and submission.

Be warned, the sexual encounters in this book are explosive and explicit, leaving very little to the imagination. If you like a little good and evil, some fantasy and mythology, and a whole lot of sizzling sex, read Hot House 2: Michael and Mercy. You won’t be disappointed! Rating: 4 Angels, Reviewed by: Trang, Fallen Angel Reviews

Michael is a sharply developed character... Ms. Gilmore has written a wonderful follow up to this series. The interaction between Michael, Mercy and Raum, the demon Michael assigns to protect her is hot. The story features some bondage and homosexual interplay. I recommend this book! Rating: 4.5 roses, Reviewed by: Noemi, A Romance Review


Witching Hours

I am a huge fan of Ms. Gilmore's and this terrific book only makes me want to read more of her work. The concept of reincarnation that their relationship revolves around makes the book even more fascinating. While the book can be read as a stand alone, I recommend reading the first book in the series, Eye for an Eye as it gives additional insight into Starr's family life. I highly recommend this sensational story to fans of the paranormal who, like me, love a good tale of the unusual. Rating: 4 cups, Susan White, Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance, Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books

I thoroughly loved this book because it explores attitudes and behaviors reminiscent of the burning of witches at the stake. Starr's attitude towards those that see her religion as a witch as being unnatural and against nature itself was a refreshing and invigorating experience because no matter what those people thought, Starr stood her ground and made everyone else take notice of her strength. And when Mason finally saw her for who she really was, it made me so proud I almost cried.

Sheri Gilmore has penned a novel that makes the paranormal aspects seem almost normal. If you enjoy characters that would do anything to be with the people they love then this is a book you must get because it will blow your mind, in a very nice way. Rating: 4 Stars, Sheryl, E-cataromance Reviews

Taking on the cloth is one of the riskiest things I feel an erotica author can do for hazard of alienating readers. Ms. Gilmore seems to have a knack for intriguing readers with politically incorrect stories of lust surrounded by powerful magic and extreme passions. Witching Hours is scandalous in an arousing way and has me anxiously awaiting the story of the last Chappel sister and wondering how much further can the corruption of innocents be taken. Rating: 4 Fleur de Lis, Desiree Farrell, Erotic Escapades

The love scenes are sensual, erotic flights of fantasy that will keep you glued to the page. This story is wonderful! The sisters in this story are so unique and have such depth of character both in this present story and in their past lives that I cannot wait to read the rest of the books in the series. This book is definitely addictive as the author casts her spell over you. Her writing is superb and the plots interweave beautifully. I thoroughly devoured this book and enjoyed every sinful morsel. Reviewed by Qetesh, TCM Reviews


'Bunko', Secrets, Vol. 16, FORBIDDEN DESIRES Anthology

... the hottest story in the anthology. Ms. Gilmore’s pulled all the stops to create the ultimate erotic repertoire. Filling the pages with hedonistic moves... You will never look at your boss the same again.
Red Sage Publishing has brought to the readers an erotic profusion of highly skilled storytellers in their Secrets Vol. 16. ... all four give the readers a different, yet sexual taste of varied erotica. The combinations are carnal winners!

This is the best Secrets novel to date and this reviewer’s favorite. Overall Rating: 4 ½ Hearts, Reviewed by Janalee Ruschhaupt, Loveromances

Blackmail, games of chance, nude beaches and masquerades pave a path to heart-tugging emotions and fiery love scenes in Red Sage’s latest collection. Overall Rating: 4.5 Stars, Faith V. Smith, Romantic Times

The second story, Bunko, is far and away the hottest and the kinkiest story of the lot. It is a real eyebrow raiser and you read this one with fair warning. Whew! Loved the others, and had fun reading them – all enjoyable and interesting. Donna Doyle, Romance Reviews


'A Woman's Offering,' Spirited Anthology

This story was scary! Everything about the story was passionate, including the scary parts. The effect made the sex seem even hotter, more passionate, than I’m used to seeing. The bizarre paranormal events were well explained and believable. The mood was dark, sensually erotic and very arousing. The story is mysterious and highly suspenseful. This is the perfect Samhain/Halloween story. Rating: 5 Stars, Heat Level: O (Orgasmic), Karen Haas, JERR

Sheri Gilmore demonstrates a keen grasp of Aztec lore and legend and insight into woman’s nature and a mother’s longing for the return of her child... The Spirited Anthology offers something for everyone, and will keep readers reading, thinking, and looking out for the nearest ice bucket. Overall rating: 4 Hearts, Sensuality rating: Explicit, Annie, The Romance Studio

There is a lot of interesting Aztec lore intertwined in Anna’s plight that really intensifies the story...This is a very different kind of story in a lot of ways, but its very differences make it stand out... Nicely done! Rating: 4 Angels, Sarah W, Fallen Angel Reviews


Wild Chaote

The plot was out of the ordinary and original. One can easily keep reading until the end in one sitting. Though dark... this paranormal is an exciting and fast read. Rating: 4 Stars, Ginny Kon, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

...Each nugget given to the reader about prior events or relationships is what will keep the pages turning. The erotic scenes between Becky and Ben are hot and well-spaced. The inclusion of family secrets, evil characters, and a good plot add to the interest of this tale. Those who like a twist to their reading will enjoy this one. 4 Stars, TJ, The Romance Studio

...Dark magick and dark needs come together in an explosion of sensual and emotional discovery in The Preacher’s Daughters: Wild Chaote. 5 Angels, Rachel C, Fallen Angel Reviews


Circe's Charms

Circe’s Charms is a charming, alluring, and fun to read erotic novel for a connoisseur of the erotic romance genre. Dee, Reviewers Top Pick, Night Owl Romance

Ms Gilmore tantalizes the senses very well with CIRCE’S CHARM.  I think I might have learned something new.  Despite the fact that her characters were otherworldly they had touches of realism.  Kirke and Hermes are men any woman would love to find themselves deserted with on an island. 4 blue ribbons, ladybirdrobi, Romance Junkies

Circe's Charms gently weaves mythology with reality. Gilmore creates an erotic world of pleasure and fantasy. The sex scenes are so hot and detailed; you will have to find gratification for yourself. Lakisha, A Romance Review