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(C) Copyright 2004 by Sheri Gilmore

All rights reserved. No copy of this work is permitted without prior written permission of author.


by Sheri Gilmore

The house lay quiet.  The only noises she heard were from the neighbor’s dogs, barking in the muted distance through walls made of sheetrock and brick.  Another day gone, the sun’s rays were waning in the west.  Deep shadows were forming throughout the house, but she didn’t mind.  She often walked through the hallways and rooms in the darkness, needing the peace and serenity she found in the night.   

She moved through the stillness to the master bathroom.  She bypassed a mirror, which covered the entire length of the wall above the vanity in this first section and ignored her reflection.  Cold seeped through her socks as she padded across the ceramic tile through a second door leading into the bath area. Leaning over, her fingers brushed the silver stopper in the bottom of the Jacuzzi tub, then trailed upwards to the silver and gold handles that relented without protest to her gentle twist.  Her fingers caressed with a light stroke the smooth metal like she would caress her lover’s cock, tentative at first, learning what he liked, then bolder when she knew her feminine wiles and smiles had won him over if only for the moment.

Testing the water, she poured a generous amount of scented bath oil into the hot water that rose to a level that would fall just beneath her nipples once she submerged into its depths. 

She sighed.  This was her oasis.  One she’d insisted on having when they’d remodeled the old house.  Here she could escape the mundane demands of her life.  Here she could live out whatever fantasy she desired.  Right now, she desired him.

Walking back into the vanity area, she scooped up several candles, then took them back to her bath.  With special attention she placed them around the mini-spa, wanting their soft light to flicker and reflect off the marble walls surrounding the tub when she finally turned off the overhead lights.

She looked down.  The water level was perfect.

She turned the handles off.  The sight of one last drop of water dripping from the spout reminded her of an engorged penis, ejaculating its fill until all that was left was one last drop that squirted from the tip with pained ecstasy.

She wouldn’t let that penile drip die a lonely death.  In her mind she’d lean forward on her knees, look into the face of her lover, then lap that last solitary drop with the tip of her tongue, cherishing the salty taste of his semen. 

She shivered; her nipples hardened.  Standing she entered the vanity area again, this time to face the mirror.  She slipped her socks off, then hooked her thumbs beneath the edge of her panties to ease them over the curves of her buttocks and legs.  She stood slowly, caught the bottom of her T-shirt and pulled the cotton over her head to stand naked in the glaring overhead light.  Her gaze clashed with her own in the oversized mirror, not sure she wanted to investigate her body.

What would he see if he looks at me?  Curiosity won, as it always did.  She scanned her hair which fell to her shoulders after months of letting the thick auburn mass grow wild.  There were a few grays here and there, but overall the shining tresses were one of her best assets. 

She searched her face, not as pleased as she would like to be.  Never beautiful or pretty, but not common either.  Attractive was a word she’d heard often.  Her cheekbones were high and her mouth was full and pouty.  She smiled, thinking of the things she could do with her mouth and tongue.  She’d received many a compliment on her ‘oral’ skills.  Many women she knew couldn’t abide oral sex, but she was different.  The more she licked and suckled a thick long cock the more she became wet and ready to feel all that power between her legs, deep within her cunt, pumping and pulsating until that final climax when she would feel the head expand, then explode, hot and wet into her body.

Then, she studied her straight, but short nose and shrugged.  Nothing special there.  Her eyes caught her attention.  Now, that was her best feature.  She’d scrimp on makeup most of the time, but not eye makeup.  Her eyes were the darkest feature she had.  One lover had always praised the ‘dark intensity’ of her stare whenever they’d had sex.

She sighed and let her lashes flutter down.  That had been a long time ago.  She studied her breasts with a frown.  With impatient hands she lifted their heavy weight in her palms -- a little more than a handful.  She shook her head.  She’d always liked her breasts small.  She turned her head to the side.  What type of breasts did he like?

Releasing her breasts, she let them fall and examined her abdomen with a critical eye.  She could remember having a flat stomach.  She turned to the side to observe a smooth, graceful curve from her pubic bone to her belly button.  Her hips were wider than they used to be, also.  She smiled.  There had been a time she’d prayed for hips – back when she’d been as slim in the hips and waist as any boy. 

She’d had short, short hair then, too.  She laughed.  Boobless, hipless, hairless… looking at her from the back she had looked like a boy.  But… after three babies and a few years of maturity, she’d filled out, going from a size four to a size six.  Her eyebrow rose, and she placed her hands on her hips.  Her head lifted and she smiled.

Hell!  I look pretty damn good if I do say so myself.  She could probably stand to lose a few pounds and firm it all up. 

She laughed.  What was one more item to add to her ‘to do’ list?

She flicked the overhead lights off and headed for her whirlpool.  Closing the door, she lit the candles around the tub, then turned off the electric lights.  Stepping gently, she lifted one leg then the other to stand in the tub.  Holding onto either side, she eased her body into the water to be enveloped by its protective warmth, like a moth in a cocoon.

She stretched her petite frame out, letting the water slosh over her.  Wiggling her bottom, she positioned herself and rested her arms on the armrests that jutted on either side of the tub.  “Oh, yeah...this is heaven.” 

Her head rested back on the slope of the tub and she closed her eyes for a few seconds, letting her mind clear.  She didn’t want any outside distractions when she started her fantasy.  He’d haunted her for too many days and nights with his subtle suggestions and innuendos.  Tonight she planned on using every word he’d ever ‘spoken’ to her play through her mind to create the kind of sexual fantasy Freud would get a hard-on over.  What would he sound like?

She thought about the first time she’d seen him – dark and mysterious. Her breath had literally caught in her throat, and all she could do was sit and stare.  Chill bumps had covered her arms, then she’d blinked and quickly clicked off the website.  She’d ignored the site for several weeks before she ventured back…but, ultimately, she’d gone, like she knew she would.  Not many people affected her that way – made her afraid, but fascinated at the same time. 

The second trip, her hand shook when she typed the address in.  She knew what to expect, but that didn’t stop the pounding of her heart.  He hadn’t changed.  This time she traced his lips with the pointer, making her ache to taste his kiss.  He truly had her captivated with his dark eyes, cleft chin, and sexy lips.  The black hair hadn’t hurt either, she remembered.

She opened her eyes and stared at the flicker of the candles.  He’d told her to use her fingers ‘to do some probing’.  Normally, her little black ‘pocket rocket’ took care of those pesky needs that crept up on her throughout the day, but she didn’t want a ‘quick fix’ tonight.  She wanted to enjoy the warmth around her and pretend his body wrapped behind her - his arms around her where he could stroke and pet her pussy with firm sure fingers.

She arched her back off the tub wall, spreading her legs wide and letting her fingers stroke and rub through the wet, tangled curls surrounding her vulva.  She moaned when her knuckle brushed her clit. 

Not yet.  She wanted to imagine long…hot…nerve-racking sex with this man.  The kind that left you breathless and barely able to walk or remember your name.  The kind of sex she knew existed, but had always seemed to pass her by.  She’d come close a time or two, but her partners just weren’t able, or willing, to do to her what she desired the most – make her lose complete and utter control of herself. 

She knew that to make that happen, the person fucking her would have to take control away from her, mentally and physically – something she didn’t relinquish very often, if ever.  Even the times she’d been under the influence of alcohol, she’d been in control.  She’d had a great time, but had never lost complete control of her responses enough to reach that final ‘sexual high’ she was forever looking for.

This one would be different, she could feel it.  He didn’t play by everyone else’s rules.  He did his own thing.  She liked that, because that’s how she wanted to be – free, uninhibited, able to do and say whatever she wanted to/with her lover without fear they’d judge her and think her a slut.  She’d lost many a boyfriend for being ‘too bold’ about her sex.  Maybe it was a ‘southern’ thing.  Guys down south just couldn’t understand a woman’s need to experience ‘down and dirty’. ‘Good’ girls didn’t do stuff like that.

Bullshit!  She made an impatient movement and water splashed up the side of the tub to sprinkle one of the candles, causing a ‘hiss’.  She bit her lip and eased back into position.  No sense breaking her peace and quiet with thoughts of failed passion.  She had to focus.  When she made herself cum, she wanted to see his face in her mind, wanted to feel his hands and lips on her skin, wanted to feel his cock in her pussy, and then in her ass.

She groaned.  Oh, yeah.  That’s what she wanted. 

Her fingers circled her clit faster, as she pictured his frame behind her, bending her over the edge of the bed, or sofa, and sliding his cock, so long and thick, deep inside her ass.  She knew he had to be big, and she’d probably scream, but that’s what she wanted, no…that’s what she needed him to make her do…scream with the mixture of pleasure and pain.

But, first…  She eased the pressure off her clit, breathing hard and fast.  Sweat beaded across her forehead and the warm water felt like it scalded her skin.  First, she wanted him to drag out her climax, not allowing her to cum.  She wanted him to tease her with his tongue and fingers and teeth, biting her tits and neck and ass.  She needed him to go down on her, licking and sucking her clit and pussy, while using three of his fingers like a dick – working in and out of her vagina – first slow, then fast, but never allowing her to cum. 

She wanted him to frustrate her, make her mad up to the point she realized he wouldn’t give in to her demands, then he’d make her beg him for it.  He’d make her beg him to fuck her in the ass.

She squirmed her buttocks against the bottom of the tub, wanting to relieve her frustration, but not willing to end her fantasy yet.  She slipped two fingers into her vagina and rubbed in and out, easing some of the building pressure, but not all. 

God, she needed him.

She clenched her teeth and brought the image of his face and lips into focus, letting the fantasy resume.  Her heart raced and pounded.  Her legs and arms shook with the effort not to cum, but she wanted to…

Finally, when he was satisfied she’d begged enough and sincerely, he’d pull her across the bed to the edge, flip her over onto her belly, and spread her legs wide.  He’d play with her pussy some more, making her whine in anticipation, and ask her if she ‘was ready’. 

The sound of lubricant being applied would tease her ears and her asshole would quiver in fear and excitement at what she knew he was about to do – what she wanted him to do.

She would slip a hand beneath her body to ease her throbbing clit, but with a sound smack to her ass cheek, he’d pull her arms above her head and instruct her ‘not to move again’.  Then, in total surprise, he’d take her when she wasn’t expecting him.  The air in her chest would explode outward across the mattress and his cock would thrust into her full length, while his weight pinned her down right where he wanted her – beneath him, wrapping him in a tight, hot sheath that sucks and squeezes tighter than any pussy ever could. 

This wasn’t about just what she wanted and needed, but what he craved, too.  She wanted their pleasure and satisfaction to be mutual.

Thrusting, harder and deeper, he’d bring them both to climax – their screams blending together in the dark.  They’d lay together, breathing hard with sweat coating their bodies, for several minutes.  Then, he’d pull out and stretch his body across the bed, pulling her into the circle of his arms, kissing the top of her head.  He’d tell her, ‘You did good.’

She’d smile and drift off to sleep – satisfied, warm, and safe.

The candles flickered...  She jumped and cold water sloshed.  Opening her eyes, she can see the candles have burned down halfway.  She remembered her fantasy and orgasm and smiled. 

Slowly, she stepped out of the tub, pulling a large towel around her shivering body.  She opened the door that sounded with a "squeak" and stepped into the darkness of the house.  Alone.