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Hello. I’m Sheri, and I write contemporary- erotica and erotic-paranormal romance, which includes elements of BDSM, alternative lifestyles, and/or  the occult.

I started writing when I was very young, winning my first writing award in second grade.

I wrote my first novel (a sci-fi) when I was in third grade and haven’t looked back since. I chose the genre(s) that I write after deciding to combine my most favorite genres: romance, paranormal/horror, and erotica. I got frustrated of not being able to find what I wanted to read in any of those genres. They weren’t “complete,” so I wrote my own. In 2004, I was finally published and can now say that I am a professional author.

Living in the Deep South all my life, I enjoyed traveling and seeing new places and meeting new people, especially in my own country. I love the south, but there is so much more out there that calls to me and my sense of adventure. You should always know what lies beyond that hill you stare at everyday. It will open your mind to wondrous things, if you take a chance and step outside your comfort zone.

Some of my favorite cities are New Orleans, San Francisco, and New York. The people are friendly, the food is great, and the fun is unbelievable. Finally, in 2012 I uprooted my life and moved to San Francisco - city of my dreams.

I live quietly, if you can call living with a teenaged boy and five cats quiet. My hobbies consist of reading, music (all kinds), photography, cooking, and studying philosophy, archaic subjects and religions. I practice vegetarianism and am an animal rights advocate, working mainly with domestics (cats and dogs), although I value all animal life. Some groups that I am interested in and/or actively support are:

IDA (In Defense of Animals): www.idausa.org
MMC (Marine Mammal Center): www.marinemammalcenter.org
ACA (Alley Cat Allies): www.alleycat.org

If you are interested in helping animal life in your area, or assisting others in helping better the lives of animals around the world, check these worthwhile groups out.

In my “day job,” I am a registered nurse and I value education very highly. I think all women no matter what age should get as much education as they can and be able to take care of themselves whether they have a partner, or not.

Be proud you’re a woman, and don’t be afraid or ashamed of pursuing what you enjoy and want in life. Be yourself; not what society tells you you should be. That goes for men, too.
Enjoy my site and my work. Search hard within the words I've written. There is a message just for you.


If I worried about everything other people thought and said, I wouldn't get a damned thing done.